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Record Calls

VadaXchange can permanently record all inbound and outbound calls. The permanent call recording feature allows retrieval of any specific call recordings.
The whole call is recorded, including IVR interaction and call transfers - you are only limited by disk space on the system. The call recording can be downloaded or emailed from Buddy history interface or the CDR search interface.

Increase Sales

In some jurisdictions, customers can enter into an enforceable contract over the phone. No more costly sales person's visits! This saves you time and money and lets you sell more with fewer sales people.

Initiated by the sales person, standard terms and conditions can be announced to a caller at anytime. The caller can agree to the terms and conditions to confirm the transaction.

The recorded conversation will be emailed from the system and can be saved locally, on the network or in a database.

Call Detail Records

We provide one of the best CDR databases in the industry.

CDR can be easily searched through an intuitive interface by specifying a number (source or destination), date range, extension or a queue or wrap-up code.


Ad Hoc or Permanent

You can record calls on ad-hoc basis by starting and stopping the recording in the middle of the call. The recording will be emailed to you.

Alternatively, you can choose to permanently record all calls taking a certain route in or out of your phone system.

Turn recording on or off for all calls to a specific phone number, queue, internal or external calls, inbound or outbound calls - the system is flexible enough to configure the recording of any calls you need to refer to later.