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Avoid vendor lock-in with open standards
By supporting open standards, VadaXchange supports a wide range of VOIP phones and accessories. Vadacom gives you the power to choose from a number of open standards based devices, so you are not limited by features or price!
VOIP Phones - Polycom, Grandstream

Desk Phones

VOIP Phone - Polycom

A desk phone provides you with the best call quality and user experience.

VadaXchange supports a very wide range of desk phones.

Polycom SoundPoint range of desk phones provide crystal-clear conversations.

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VOIP Phone Headsets

If you have to spend most of your day talking on the phone, headset is a must for comfort.

You can use USB headsets with a VOIP soft phone or a regular headset with a VOIP desk phone.

We recommend Jabra and Xenexx range of headsets - talk to us today about best options for you!

Get headsets for your VadaXcahnge.

Cordless Phones & ATA

VOIP Phone - Gigaset

A cordless phone enables mobility around the office or a warehouse. VadaXchange supports a very wide range of cordless phones. This includes consumer grade cordless DECT VOIP phones, industrial grade IP DECT solutions and WiFi IP phones. VadaXchange also supports a range of older, analogue devices by connecting Analogue Termination Adapters (ATA) and analogue gateways.

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Conference Room Phones

VOIP Phone for Teleconferencing

In a world where conference calls are on the rise, crystal-clear conversations are a must for productive meetings.

Polycom conference phones deliver superb voice quality, expansive microphone pickup, advanced audio processing, and all the features that make conference calls seem as natural as being in the same room.

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