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Remote PBX Extensions

Send your people to work from home.
Reduce office costs, reduce pollution
Increase staff productivity and job satisfaction!

Phone System Extension Anywhere

Remote phone extensions enable your staff to work from home, remote office or a hotel room. Turn your computer into a telephone by using soft-phone software. Make and receive phone-calls on an internet connection anywhere in the world. The diagram on the right demonstrates how this works.

A study into working from home has shown:

  • 78% of staff say they are more productive when working from home - generally estimated at 10-20% more productive
  • 90% were satisfied with teleworking 22% said they had worked when otherwise they would have felt too ill to travel in for a whole days work
  • The company in the study say they have made significant space savings: teleworking staff are expected to give up having a permanent desk, and use touch-down areas when at the office.

Open standards soft phones

By supporting open standards VadaXchange supports a wide range of hardware and software phones.

VadaXchange is based on software developed by a community of thousands of software developers. This means that new open standards are always supported.

Vadacom gives you the power to choose from a number of open standards soft-phones, so you are not limited by features or price!

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VOIP PBX Remote Extensions Diagram

Remote Working

High cost of petrol in conjunction with increased amount of traffic jams make working from home an attractive proposition for many people.

From telephony perspective, you need a good broadband connection at home. Modern phone systems will allow for a telephone to be connected remotely. You need a remote IP phone connected to your phone system as you don't want to be only using your mobile phone for the whole day.

With good systems in place you are free to work wherever you choose without it costing you the earth.

Today, with the high penetration of broadband in the home coupled with advances in internet-based VoIP telecommunications systems such as VadaXchange, migrating employees from office workers to remote workers is not only cost-effective, it has also become a high priority with a large percentage of companies.

With presence, instant messageing, wall boards, teleconferencing and reporting VadaXchange gives you all the tools required to manage geographically spread work force.