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Enable powerful control of presence profiles
Stop wasting time by knowing the presence status of work colleagues before transferring or placing calls.

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Change your presence status to determine how you want to handle calls and let work colleagues know your availability

VOIP PBX Presence Control

Calendar Integration

The status can change to "in a meeting" automatically, based on your calendar. VadaXchange can subscribe to Exchange or iCal based calendars.

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VOIP PBX Voicemail Greetings

Custom Greetings

As part of the presence feature is the user friendly ability to record custom voicemeail greetings and assign them to different statuses.

VOIP PBX Presence Settings

You're in Control

Presence profiles can be configured to:

  • Change your status icon
  • Change your message
  • Change your voicemail greeting
  • Toggle do-not-disturb mode on or off
  • Turn on or off "follow me" for mobile extension feature
  • Log in or out of individual hunt groups and call queues
VOIP PBX Presence on iPhone

Presence Everywhere

Change your presence status from desktop or mobile.

See everyone's presence everywhere, so you know whether to call, IM or leave a message.


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