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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Pre Sales

Our company is in a term contract with my existing provider. When should I investigate VadaXchange?

Even if you are in a contract with the existing provider, we can help reduce your costs. In most contracts there is usually a fixed monthly cost and a variable usage based cost. Your fixed costs are contracted, but your usage costs aren't. We can help reduce or eliminate usage costs. Also, most contracts have the facility to break them. Sometimes breaking the contract may make financial sence to do to reduce overall costs. 

Best thing to do is to let one of our consultants to have a look at your bills and recommend the best course of action.

How will Vadacom help us save money?

VadaXchange helps you cust costs by integrating different types of phone lines in one place. In our experience, you can:

  • Reduce your mobile call costs by up to 80%
  • Reduce land-line call costs by up to 50%
  • Let people call you straight from the website, saving your customers time and saving you 0800 call costs


What types of mobile phones are supported by Buddy mobile extensions?

Buddy's mobile extension feature supports all mobile phones through DTMF tone control.

Buddy software is also available natively on iPhone and Android based devices. 


What kind of phone lines does Vadacom offer?

Vadacom doesn't offer phone lines or any network services. There are a couple of reasons for that.

First, we are a software development company, so we concentrate on what we do best - develop the best unified communications software for you.

Second, to ensure you get the best savings on your telecommunications costs, we do not have an affiliation with any of the telecommunications line companies. We just search for the best deals and recommend them, as a part of our service to you.


How good is the call quality on VOIP calls?

VoIP has been around for many years and the technology is now extremely robust. A modern VoIP system can deliver the same or even better call quality as traditional telephony.

There are many ways to implement VoIP systems, including using SIP Trunks. The telecommunication companies use a SIP Trunk to deliver both voice and data. The quality of calls and data connection delivered by SIP Trunk is at least equivalent to traditional calling combined with a business digital (ISDN) line.


What kind of broadband connection will I need for VOIP?

If you are implementing a SIP trunk, your telecommunications provider will provide the connection together with your trunk. 

If you are implementing an unmanaged VOIP phone line, we advise a separate connection for your phones. Most broadband connections are ok, however, unmanaged consumer grade ADSL is not ideal and may cause call quality issues.


Pre Deployment

I've signed the order - how quickly can I get my new system up and running?

With hundreds of systems installed across New Zealand and some systems overseas, Vadacom developed one of the best deployment methodologies in the industry. Our methodology for delivering systems to our customers ensures:

  • One of the fastest delivery and deployment processes available in the marketplace
  • One of the easiest deployment projects to manage
  • One of the least disruptive deployment procedures available.

In fact the slowest part in the whole project is arranging the network services

If you already have network services in place, we can deliver the system within five working days, stock permitting. In an emergency, we can even turn around sooner.

Is cabling included?

We partner with best specialist cablers in every region of New Zealand. If you require cabling, our sales team will help arrange quotes and implementation. Vadacom is a software development business, so we leave cabling up to specialists. Our quotes typically don't include cabling.


How do auto attendant  / IVR greetings get recorded? Will you provide someone to record greetings for us?

Recording greetings is easy on VadaXcahnge - just dial *1234 from any phone connected and follow the prompts. The recording will end up in VadaXchange Admin tools Audio console, clearly labeled with the extension number the recording came from and the timestamp when it was recorded, so you can rename it into something more meaningful and drop it in the right place in dial plan.

The most cost effective way to record greetings / prompts is to nominate a member of your team to record them. However, if you require professional tallent to record your greetings in a studio, please let a member of our sales team know and we will point you in the right direction. We don't normally record greetings prompts on your behalf.

How does Fax work in VOIP environments?

Fax was designed for analog networks, and does not travel well over a VOIP network. The reason for this is that Fax communication uses the signal in a different way to regular voice communication. When VOIP technologies digitise and compress analog voice communication it is optimised for Voice and not for Fax. Subsequently, there are a number of things you need to take note of when you move to a VoIP Phone System.

There are a number of ways we can deal with Fax. We can implement a Fax Server, so thre is no need to use old Fax machines

If you would like to keep your old Fax machine, we recommend that you keep an analogue phone line for Fax. Alternatively, we can supply an analogue gateway to connect the old Fax machine.

Existing Customers

I need to buy additional phones or headsets - who do I talk to?

At Vadacom, the person who originally sold you the phone system is usually your account manager. That person is the right one to talk to about purchasing new equipment or software. If you are unsure, please email your request to or submit a sales request through the service desk.

The person who was internally looking after the VadaXchange left. How do I get help?

If you have a current service agreement you can ask us to look after your phone system configuration, or request training for another member of your team. All service requests are submitted via email to or via service request form. You can also call us on 09 9690606.

The customer number in VadaXchange iPhone / Android app

If you just downloaded VadaXchange mobile app for either iPhone or Android you will need a customer number. This number is used by our unique discovery service to determine how your phone will reach your PBX. This saves you having to configure complex DNS, routing and security - we handled it all for you.

This service is only available if you have a current service agreement. Please ask us to provide you with the number via our help desk service request. All service requests are submitted via email to or via service request form. You can also call us on 09 9690606.


I need to change the auto attendant and queues configuration - how do I do that?

You can mange your system through VadaXchange Administration Interface yourself or you can ask us for help.

If you have a current service agreement you can ask us to look after your phone system configuration, or request training for a member of your team. All service requests are submitted via email to or via service request form. You can also call us on 09 9690606.