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Love your phone system

Become a Reseller

Key benefits of becoming a Vadacom reseller:

  • Offer world class IP telephony to your customers.
  • A phone system is a business computer system - you should look after it if you are already in charge of other IT systems
  • Integrate VadaXchange into other business systems you already implemented and earn credibility and revenue with your customer.
  • Help your customer reduce costs, justify more of your services.
  • Earn more by introducing a new offering into the mix of currently offered products and services.
  • Enjoy the support of local, experienced technical team.
  • Be a part of building the world's best telephony system right here in New Zealand.
  • Display VadaXchange Accredited Integrator logo on your website and get a listing on Vadacom website.


Accredited Integrator Program

The VadaXchange accredited integrator program is designed to empower resellers to sell and implement VadaXchange systems. The program consists of a one-day training session and a trained technician to support for the first implementation as outlined below.

Training Session

The one day training session covers the following:

  • Market overview and positioning of the VadaXchange system.
  • Advantages of the VadaXchange over other PBX systems, sales tips.
  • Third party products overview – Phones, Switches, CTU, Telco, Finance.
  • Pre-sales training - proposal builder, Do's and Don't's - how to sell and how not to sell a VadaXchange System
  • Pre-installation process - system definition, telecommunications, site readiness
  • Configuration process - from order to delivery, installation and training overview
  • VadaXchange administrator tools training

Training will be performed in groups of three to five people. You are only required to purchase one full training session for your organisation, however you may choose to purchase more and send more people along for training.


Installation Support

To complete integrator training, Vadacom service delivery manager (Stuart Elliott) will assist the reseller with the first installation. Having performed over 100 installations of VadaXchange systems, Stuart is best qualified to do that. The assistance will include:

  • Attending the project management meeting with the reseller. or participate over the phone, if the meeting is out of town,
  • Assisting with the system definition, telco liaison
  • Turning up to site on the installation date (If the site is out of Auckland the reseller is responsible for travel & accommodation costs)

You will only be required to purchase one post-installation support to become accredited, however you may purchase more if you feel you need it.

Sales and Pre-Sales

Vadacom has developed a set of tools to create customer proposals. You will be issued a login to allow creation of proposals and quotes. We will also assign a channel manager to you who will be able to empower you to sell VadaXchange to your customers.

Vadacom will introduce you to local distributors of phones and other hardware that complements VadaXchange systems. You will buy hardware directly from distributor enabling you access to greater sales margins. We will also introduce you to our preferred finance company. Leasing removes the need for up-front capital investment, making the purchasing decision easier for your customer.

On-going Support

Every system is sold with a Vadacom Software Updates SLA between the customer and Vadacom directly. This gives the customer access to software updates on their system and the reseller access to help desk support and remote management. The reseller is trained to perform all day-to-day moves additions and changes, and is able to enter into a service contract with the customer directly.