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Xero Case Study

Three years ago, Xero made the decision to implement to implement the VadaXchange VOIP telephony platform from Kiwi company, Vadacom.
Andrew Jessett, Xero’s Internal IT Manager, says the decision predates his arrival at Xero. But he’s been more than happy with the choice, because it’s provided Xero with the essential flexibilty it needs as it continues to expand into international markets.
“I was previously at Kiwibank, and I hadn’t come across Vadacom or VadaXchange until I started at Xero,” says Jessett, “but so far I’ve been very impressed. The system is reliable, very cost-effective in comparison to other systems, and importantly it’s simple to use. ”
Jessett says providing the infrastructure for such a fast-growing business as Xero can be challenging, and flexibility is key to being able to respond to changing needs quickly.
“VadaXchange’s cloud-based licensing has made it easy for us to add new people and to turn on or off features as and when we’ve needed to. The system has always been able to scale with us as we’ve grown and never constrained that growth.”
Xero’s VadaXchange system is hosted in the cloud, and allows Xero staff to administer the system themselves – making it easy to add new people, change configurations, and incorporate new offices around the world as Xero expands.
“One of the real benefits we’ve seen from the system is the ablity to enable our end users – such as sales teams – to control their own settings and configurations easily through Buddy, Vadacom’s web-based control-panel,” Jessett says.
“Buddy makes it really simple for them to log themselves in or out of hunt groups, manage their status, access voicemail and all the other features. There’s a lot of functionality here we’re yet to use, but we’ve made extensive use of features such as call-centre hunt groups to manage inbound calls and route them to the right people.”
Igor Portugal, Vadacom’s CEO, says his team is continuing to work closely with Xero in planning out the telephony infrastructure as Xero expands and opens offices abroad.
“The great thing about VOIP-based systems like VadaXchange, is they’re so flexible for distributed environments like Xero’s where you have multiple branch offices and want to provide seamless communications across them all," he says.
"Features like Presence, which shows you when people are available, built-in Chat and mobile apps for iPhone and Android, make it really easy for staff to reach out to other people in the business no matter where they’re based.”
Portugal says the experience of working with Xero as it continues to accelerate its growth has been very exciting.
“Xero is a fantastic Kiwi success story, and it’s nice to think, as a fellow Kiwi company, that we’re playing a little part in that – Kiwi companies going out and taking on the world,” he adds.
“In fact we’re finding more and more that as our Kiwi customers expand overseas, they’re taking us with them, because VadaXchange gives them the flexibility to manage their telecommunications in the cloud and they can seamlessly integrate new offices or new staff around the globe.”