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Moving Office
Make the smart move!
Many businesses choose to review their PBX systems when moving offices. VadaXchange offers the ultimate in terms of flexibility, scalability and unified communications. Make the move to VadaXchange and that will be the last phone system you will ever need to move to!

Moving to VadaXchange

If you’re moving office there are a lot of questions to answer:

  • Do we/can we keep our old numbers?
  • What cabling do we need? Who’s going to install it?
  • How do I reconfigure the old system and who do I get to do it?
  • Should we bother moving our old PBX system or is now a good time for a fresh start?

Moving to a VOIP-based solution like VadaXchange means you don’t have to manage the installation and switchover of all your existing telephone lines. You can keep your existing numbers and port them to a SIP provider (regardless of where you’re moving) making your move simple and painless. We’ll even help you plan the switchover.

Alongside the other benefits you get from moving to VOIP, VadaXchange uses exactly the same networking infrastructure as your office computer network – which means less cabling hassle and reduced costs for your new office fitout.

Whether you use SIP Trunks, or stay with your existing lines provider, configuring VadaXchange is easy. You don’t need a telecom engineer to install and configure your PBX and extensions. VadaXchange Administration allows you to reconfigure your phone system how, as and when you need and we’re on hand to help out if you need us. Say goodbye to expensive technician callouts - forever.

If you’re moving office, switching to VadaXchange is the right choice and now is the right time! Simpler, better and less expensive than moving your old obsolete PBX.

Save money with VadaXchange

  • Reduce your mobile call costs by up to 80%
  • Reduce land-line call costs by up to 50%
  • Let people call you straight from your website, saving your customers time and saving you 0800 call costs
  • Benefit from the advanced features of Buddy unified communications

Select the business phone system that suits your business and start saving on your calling costs, while you improve productivity!


Moving with VadaXchange

VadaXchange IP Phone system changes business telecommunications in many positive ways.

Moving on-premise based VadaXchange system is as easy as moving any other server and PCs - you wouldn't buy a new server or new PCs just because you are moving offices, would you?

We advise our future customers to implement VadaXchange before the actual office move, if possible. This way all employees can be trained and are familiar with the system when it has been moved

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised at how painless it is to move VadaXchange from one office location to another.

Moving with VadaXchange in the Cloud

Cloud based VadaXchange makes moving even easier. Anyone can move a Cloud based VadaXchange phone system.

It is much simpler because all of the hardware is hosted and maintained by Vadacom and your Cloud provider in the Cloud.

The only telecom equipment at your offices are the IP Phones and since they are plug and play, they can easily be moved by your employees to the new office.

As long as each employee keeps the same IP Phone, the system will function exactly the same in your new office. As soon as the IP phones are connected to the network, the re-installation of your VoIP phone system is complete. All company greetings (Auto-Attendant), call routing, voice mail greetings and voice mail boxes remain unchanged. It is really that simple.

Whether or not you are planning your office move now, moving your telephony platform to VadaXchange will start saving you money and make the next office move less stressful!

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