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VadaXchange supporting business change

Whether your business is growing or shrinking in size, VadaXchange is scalable enough to support the change. The system is software based. To scale it all you need to do is add or remove licences. Each system supports unlimited number of extensions. The only hardware limitations are the concurrent calls. Even that is not a big limitation, as the hardware can easily be upgraded with very little expense and without having to purchase a whole new PBX.

Based on open source technology, VadaXchange can be integrated into any environment that your business may require. Many of our customers have been impressed so many times by the "can do" attitude of the Vadacom team. Over the years other systems had to be replaced as they didn't keep up with technology. VadaXchange stays ahead.

Work Smarter!

Many businesses are responding to the change in the commercial environment by sending their staff to work from home.

A study into working from home has shown:

  • 78% of staff say they are more productive when working from home - generally estimated at 10-20% more productive
  • 90% were satisfied with teleworking 22% said they had worked when otherwise they would have felt too ill to travel in for a whole days work
  • The company in the study say they have made significant space savings: teleworking staff are expected to give up having a permanent desk, and use touch-down areas when at the office.

VadaXchange Remote Extensions feature enables your staff to work from home. Presence and Instant Messaging features let your team collaborate more effectively. Reporting feature enables better management.

Save money with VadaXchange

  • Reduce your mobile call costs by up to 80%
  • Reduce land-line call costs by up to 50%
  • Let people call you straight from your website, saving your customers time and saving you 0800 call costs
  • Benefit from the advanced features of Buddy unified communications

Select the business phone system that suits your business and start saving on your calling costs, while you improve productivity!


Save Capex & Calling Costs
Implement a corporate-quality phone-system and dramatically lower your calling costs.
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Easy power & control

IP PBX Unified Communications

The Vadacom phone system is fully software-based so your business will never be trapped by the limits of a traditional PBX.

Your team and receptionist will love the power and control they get with the unique and easy Vadacom BuddyTM interface.

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Let us customise your phone system!

Every Vadacom phone system can be fully customised to support your business processes. Talk to us about your ideal phone system set up - we can extend and design your phone system to support your business just the way you need.

Leverage a communications system that supports your unique business process and provides you with a competitive advantage. Talk to our experts today.